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Ceragraft® is a synthetic Calcium Phosphosilicate (CPS) bone graft material, consisting solely of elements naturally existing in human bone.


The fully synthetic nature of Ceragraft® eliminates any risk of infection, ensuring maximum safety and reliability for optimized patient treatment and long-term results. The uniquely tailored composition of Ceragraft® allows controlled resorption rates closely matching those of new bone formation.


After implantation, Ceragraft® is slowly resorbed and eventually fully replaced by new bone, leaving no traces of its presence after the regeneration process is complete.


When compared to other fully resorbable synthetic bone graft materials, the use of Ceragraft® has been shown to improve the quality and quantity of regenerated bone, reducing the loss of bone volume in the regenerated site.


Mechanism of Action


Upon being implanted, Ceragraft® has the ability to directly interact with bone biology. It promptly reacts with the surrounding physiological fluids, forming a layer of silica-rich gel on its surface. This causes the exchange of calcium, phosphate and carbonate ions, creating a layer of hydroxyapatite with equivalent structure and chemical composition to the mineral phase of human bone.


The newly-formed hydroxyapatite layer absorbs growth factors, which in turn cause the migration and recruitment of undifferentiated stem cells on the surface of the granule. These cells eventually differentiate into osteogenic cells, particularly osteoblasts, which proliferate and generate new bone. Following these reactions, the bone regeneration process continues, as Ceragraft® granules degrade further and new layers of bone are generated.


Eventually, Ceragraft® is completely resorbed and replaced by new, healthy bone tissue.

Histology Photographs of Ceragraft

Ceragraft® is available in different combinations of granule size and volume:


Ceragraft® is intended to be used in the filling of bone voids or defects for the following surgical applications:


Ceragraft® Putty

Ceragraft® Putty is a highly moldable, easy-to-apply bone grafting solution for dental, orthopaedic and maxillofacial surgery.


Ceragraft® Putty combines all the advantages of Ceragraft® with a resorbable synthetic binder to create a ready-to-use paste that requires no mixing or preparation.


The specially formulated consistency of Ceragraft® Putty allows medical professionals to easily mould it into any size or shape to precisely fill bone voids or augmentation sites. The binder is able to resist initial irrigation, allowing the granules of Ceragraft® to remain as placed in the surgical site. It is then fully resorbed, leaving only the bioactive granules.


Ceragraft® Putty has a very low binder concentration, ensuring minimal volume loss after binder resorption.


Ceragraft®Putty is available in large granules with different volumes:


Ceragraft® Putty is intended to be used for filling bone voids or defects in the following surgical applications:

ossmed-ceragraft-scheme-03-new (1).png



Biograft® is a bone graft substitute derived from the mineral phase of bovine bone. Manufactured from carefully sourced bovine cattle, Biograft® is a safe and reliable bone grafting solution for dental, orthopaedic and maxillofacial applications.


Its unique chemical-free manufacturing process based on high temperature heating reliably removes all organic residues from the bone matrix, minimizing the risk of disease transmission and immunological reactions.


The slow resorption rate of Biograft® delivers improved stability for long-term tissue support, ideal for the most demanding aesthetic needs. In addition, its high crystallinity and porosity provide a favourable surface to which new bone can adhere.


The excellent osteoconductive properties of Biograft® enhance integration of new bone tissue and improve the long-term stability of the regenerated site.


The high porosity and rough surface morphology of Biograft® lead to excellent osteoconductive properties. The natural bone structure with interconnected pores, similar to human bone with regards to porosity and chemical composition, provides an excellent support for the adhesion of osteogenic cells.


Biograft® can easily be mixed with patient’s blood or sterile saline solution. Due to their excellent hydrophilicity, particles of Biograft® quickly absorb liquids and adhere to each other, making Biograft® extremely easy to handle.

Biograft® is available in different combinations of granule size and volume:


Biograft® is intended to be used for filling bone voids or defects in the following surgical applications:

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